Fashion influencer Natalie Angel shares her top tips for online shopping 💥💥

With online return rates escalating, fashion influencer Natalie Angel is on a mission to stop Aussie women hating their bodies.

“There’s nothing wrong with anyone’s body – it’s identifying what brands work best for you,” says Angel, whose fashion try-on videos have amassed a following of over 120,000 people on Instagram.

Standing at 175cm tall and an Australian women’s size 16, Angel gives a more honest and transparent approach to the online shopping experience.

And with the average woman a size 14 and an unstandardized sizing system, Angel aims to make online shopping easier through her unfiltered try-on videos, which she does in collaboration with over 50 brands.

“It’s a new way of buying and selling fashion, which is focusing on the needs of the consumer rather than a pretty picture,” says Angel, who discusses everything from the fit to the retailer’s returns policy.

“No one’s being misled, that’s the key message; by telling the truth, everyone wins.

“I use no filters, no body undergarments, no Spanx or anything like that, and I show my lumps and bumps, because when women see it in other women that go, ‘oh, that’s normal, she looks like me so there’s nothing wrong with me’,”.

With the Australasian Circular Textile Association reporting around 30 per cent of online retail sales are returned in Australia, Angel, who tried on over 4000 garments in 2020, hopes to see a decrease in consumer dissatisfaction through her videos.

“I think when women try something on and it doesn’t fit them, they think that there’s something wrong with them, and there’s not, it’s just that that brand isn’t the right sized brand for them or they know that they have to upsize in that particular brand.

“That’s the whole point of my videos, you find that out before you go and buy the top, whether you need to upsize or downsize.”

I think that’s the number one problem women are having and why my feed is so popular, because they don’t know how to dress themselves.

They’re looking at the woman in the mirror with negative eyes; they’re just seeing the negative points “oh I’ve got a tummy, oh my bums big or my thighs are big”.

All I want to be is me, and make women feel comfortable.

So instead of covering a part of your body that you feel uncomfortable with, I’m trying to flip the mental switch and get them to enhance a part of the body they feel great about.

I had to flip a switch because I had a very negative state of mind and I wanted to get out of that.

I could see beauty in other women whether they were the same size as me or larger than me.

A self professed fashion lover, Angel started her business Let Me Try Before You Buy, in 2019, following the birth of her son.

“(When) I had my baby, I had to have an emergency C-section and so my stomach area really changed and then I just didn’t know how to dress myself because my body shape changed,” says Angel.

“I would look at social media and I’d look at fashion magazines and I couldn’t see anything that resonated with me, as a Mum.””Despite having only had her Instagram account @letmetrybeforeyoubuy, up and running for a year and a half, Angel has already seen her no-nonsense approach change the way a number of brands cater for their customers.

“I wasn’t sure about the brand Mister Zimi, so I purchased a few dresses online and I did a video trying them on, because with Mister Zimi at that point, they did some things in a size 16 but not much,” explains Angel.

“They had such a massive response, so because of my videos they’ve now diversified the models that they’re using on their website and every garment is now available in a size 16.

“Everyone’s winning; that’s what I’m so proud of.”


1. Change your mindset: Angel says women should surround themselves with positivity and disengage from Instagram and Facebook accounts lead to negative self talk.

“It’s making the change to disengage with bigger brands, it can be retailers, it can be influencer accounts, whatever it is that brings a negative part into your mind by engaging with them.”

2. Understand and accept that our bodies change: “Life changes; our careers will change, our relationships will change, our friendships will change, and that’s the same thing that happens with the female body,” says Angel.

“As we go through pregnancy, or maybe we have a disease, or maybe we have menopause, it’s completely normal for the female body to change.

“If you’re open to that, when it happens you’ll be a little bit more forgiving and kind to yourself.”

3.Don’t cover up: From strong shoulders to a tiny waist or great legs, Angel says it’s all about drawing attention to your best features.

“I talk about directing traffic,” says Angel.

“Enhancing areas that you really like and direct all your traffic to there, don’t cover it all up.

“Tell people where you want them to look.”


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Fashion influencer Natalie Angel shares her top tips for online shopping

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