Gladys’s bold COVID-19 declaration 💥💥

Gladys Berejiklian has made a bold call in how Australia should measure the fight against COVID-19 now the vaccine rollout has begun.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has drawn a line in the sand in the fight against COVID-19, calling for an end to the daily updates on the number of locally acquired cases.

Ms Berejiklian’s bold stance comes as the Pfizer vaccine rollout approaches its third week in Australia and as health officials prepare to begin administering the AstraZeneca vaccine in NSW from March 10.

NSW also recorded its 46th consecutive day with no locally acquired cases of the virus on Thursday.

It is now that the nation needs to change its attitude towards the virus, according to Ms Berejiklian.

“I’m confident the vast majority of the population will get vaccinated,” Ms Berejiklian told 2GB on Friday.

“The vast majority of us won’t go into hospital and to me a measure of success of living with COVID-19 is preventing serious illness and preventing death.

“What is a good measure of success is keeping people alive and keeping them out of hospital and that should be what we’re measuring.”

Ms Berejiklian was steadfast in declaring that trying to achieve long stretches without locally acquired cases of COVID-19 was redundant.

“Zero community transmissions are easy to achieve when we’ve got no international travel,” she said.

“We need to change our measure or we will be left behind as a nation if we don’t think about travelling internationally.”

Ms Berejiklian said once the vaccine rollout was completed around October, the approach to COVID-19 should be similar to how medical experts deal with the flu.

“We know that we have hundreds of deaths every year from the flu,” she said.

“We don’t measure the amount of people who get the flu, but we do measure the number of people who get very sick and unfortunately die.

“Without sounding in any way unsympathetic or not valuing human life, that’s the opposite of what I’m trying to do, I think we need to think about ow do we measure our success in dealing with COVID.”

Gladys’s bold COVID-19 declaration

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