Visiting Donald Trump’s Support Base, President Joe Biden Invites Citizens To Receive A COVID-19 Vaccine πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

JAKARTA – The President of the United States (US) Joe Biden appealed to skeptical American citizens to immediately get a COVID-19 vaccination, Wednesday, July 21 local time.

Because, according to him, the increase in cases of COVID-19 infection poses a threat of damaging the progress achieved in dealing with the corona virus pandemic, slowing down the economic recovery of Uncle Sam’s country.

“Look, it’s very simple. We have a pandemic for those who haven’t gotten vaccinated. It’s very basic, it’s that simple,” President Joe Biden said at a town hall meeting in Ohio State, United States, as quoted by Reuters from CNN broadcasts, Thursday 22 July.

“Ten thousand people have just died. Nine thousand nine hundred and fifty of them, roughly, are people who have not been vaccinated,” said President Biden.

White House officials said the direct call to Americans to get vaccinated was the first after six months as US president, in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, which is a regional base of supporters of former Republican president Donald Trump.

The rapidly increasing coronavirus cases across the United States and overseas, have fueled fears of a resurgent pandemic and rattled stock markets as the highly contagious Delta variant appears to be taking hold.

Many of the new US outbreaks are in parts of the country, where COVID-19 vaccination programs are lagging. The White House’s vaccination efforts have stalled amid a wave of disinformation and skepticism.

President Biden expressed optimism that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could approve a COVID-19 vaccine for children under 12 as soon as late August, sooner than previously thought.

“My hope, speaking to the group of scientists that we put together, is that someday maybe at the beginning of the school year, in late August, early September, October, they will get the final approval,” President Biden said.

Concerns about inflation due to pent-up demand, combined with supply-side challenges are driving gains. prices of consumer goods. President Biden described this as temporary.

“Most experts, including Wall Street, are of the opinion that it is unlikely that long-term inflation will spiral out of control,” President Biden said.

On the occasion, President Biden also expressed confidence that the proposed budget for a bipartisan infrastructure deal worth US$1.2 trillion that he made last month will be passed.

The fate of the proposed budget, one of the president’s top priorities, however, is uncertain in the US Congress where Democrats hold a slim majority.

“You have up to 20 Republican politicians signing a letter saying we think we need this deal. We think we need this deal. I come from tradition in the Senate, you shake hands, that’s all,” said Democratic President Biden, indicate the basis of confidence that the proposal will be approved.

Asked about Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to turn down Republican Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, Trump’s staunch defender, for a panel investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters, Biden said what happened that day was clean.

“I don’t care if you think I’m the reincarnation of Satan, the fact is you can’t look at that television and say nothing happened on January 6. You can’t listen to people who say it’s a peaceful march.”

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Visiting Donald Trump’s Support Base, President Joe Biden Invites Citizens To Receive A COVID-19 Vaccine

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